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CTA Core Drilling GPR

Ground Penetrating Radar

gpr concrete scanning

GPR concrete scanning can locate objects in concrete slabs for example:

  • Rebar

  • Metal Conduit

  • Plastic Conduit (PVC)

  • Stress/Post Tension Cables

  • Concrete Beams

  • Void Detection

  • Slab Thickness

  • Live Power

ctagray (1).png

Concrete Scanning

Our trained and certified GPR operators have gone through extensive training to precisely perform 2D/3D scanning in real-time. Whether it is new construction or a renovation project concrete slab requires core drilling, concrete cutting, and partial demolition. We provide a safe and cost-effective when scanning to locate targets within concrete structures before coring or cutting. We can scan up to 24". However in most areas, 16"-18" can be scanned more accurately and obtain a clearer image.

Advantages of Concrete Scanning

Concrete scanning uses ground-penetrating radar to locate objects. GPR is a mechanical and geophysical device that uses radar pulses to create a surface image. It is non-invasive, non-destructive, safe, and typically takes very little time. All types of construction projects use GPR to locate numerous surface object to ensure safety when cutting, coring, and etc.

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