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CTA Core Drilling in DMV area

Core Drilling

Core drilling is essential for creating precise round holes in concrete while preserving surrounding areas and surfaces. Our team of highly trained professionals boasts extensive experience in concrete core drilling, utilizing appropriate equipment such as diamond core drills tailored to each job's requirements.

Any Kind of Hole Diameter

We can drill a wide variety of holes depending on your needs. We can drill holes as small as 0.5” and as big as 16”.

CTA Core Drilling

We work in collaboration with:

  • Electrical Contractors          

  • Plumbing Contractors          

  • General Contractors     

  • Utility Companies

Types of work:

  • Finished Jobs            

  • New Construction             

  • Occupied Areas            

  • Remodeling Jobs

Existing structures that require plumbing, electrical, or HVAC installations are all prime candidates for core drilling. Contractors often opt for concrete core drilling to ensure precise positioning of pipes and electrical components.

Planning Core Drilling for Your Next Project?

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Line Drilling

Line drilling is a specialized core drilling technique involving the creation of a series of holes along the desired line of breakage. These holes, spaced several inches apart, form a path in various diameters, facilitating precise and controlled breaking.

CTA Core Drilling in DMV area
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